The Parolee 2



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The Parolee 2 –

Superia saves a young girl from being assaulted by 3 recently paroled criminals who are given the choice of going back to jail or being lab rats for a new government mega drug. Superia soon receives a sonic distress call instructing her to come alone to an abandoned warehouse where she finds the 3 Parolee’s ready to fight her with 60-70% of her own strength! megaia is slowly but surely overwhelmed by their attacks and receives a the most humiliating beat down of her life. She then finds herself as a toy for their every desire and pleasure!(Includes 3 vs 1 beat down, low blows, belly punching, standing back breakers, bear hugs, kicks, cradle carry, Kay Oh, several reluctant pleasure and adult situations. Running time 27 minutes


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