Superia Public Disgrace


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Superia tries to arrest the notorious professor Skullion but first she must make it past his Superia feeding abomination, Taranticus! Superia is caught off guard by his strength but she manages to disable the creature. Or she thought… Superia is blindsided by Taranticus and now he is even stronger! Superia battles the monster but it becomes clear that she can no longer handle him! Now at the mercy of Taranticus, Superia is subjected to a vicious beating, crushing bearhugs, low blows galore, groping, reluctant erotic pleasures, sex with the Monster, all while professor Skullion records her defeat! After Superia is is thoroughly defeated she is XO’d and finds herself bound spread eagle on a cross. Taranticus uses his tendrils in his mouth to drain Superia of her last bits of power as she cries out for mercy before Taranticus finishes her permanently ! Running time 37 minutes


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