Solaria Consumed


Contains 2 parts

Part 1 – 974 MB
Part 2 – 947 MB

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Contains: Face, Body, And Belly Punching, Low Blows, Crawling, Groping, AOH, Use Of Sedative Darts, Taser While AOH, Vibrator While AOH, Use Of Green Aphrodisiac Fluid, Topless Nudity, Continual Forced Masturbation, Forced Fucking in Multiple Positions, Multiple Orgasms, Mouth Cum Shot

Synopsis: Solaria is on routine inspection of an abandoned warehouse. Out of nowhere, she’s hit with a sedative dart. First one, then two, and they just keep coming. At first she’s cocky, but soon she finds herself having trouble even standing. A villain presents himself and through her haze, she hears him describe how he’s preparing her for his master to feed on. She doesn’t know why, but she realizes her arousal is beginning to take her over. Between the darts, an injection, and a topical solution, the villain continues to administer aphrodisiac substances while simultaneously torturing and stimulating her with electricity and a vibrator. She’s to the point where the wind could blow at her power center and she’d cum. She’s left entirely powerless, defenseless and humiliated. What’s worse, she’s so overcome by arousal, she’s begging to be fucked and taken. Find out if she survives when the master arrives…


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