Pleasurable Demise


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Pleasurable Demise –

Miss Power is lured into a trap by her nemesis Drakara and her hired gun! Miss power battles Drakara’s Mercenary who weakens Miss Power by shooting her in the face, chest, and crotch with a special pulse rifle. Miss Power battles for her life but finds herself on the receiving end of a beat down. Miss Power is handcuffed and brought to face Drakara who teaches her prisoner some manners after she tries to interrupt. Miss Power is connected to a new power draining device that reluctants it’s victim into fits of pleasure. Drakara starts Miss Power off slowly and turns up the intensity while she caresses the helpless heroine. After Miss Power is thoroughly defeated by Drakara’s pleasure machine, she is re-cuffed and beat down by Drakara. Unable to defend herself, Miss Power is asphyxiated with Amazing Girl’s golden lasso! This movie includes reluctant erotic pleasures, M vs F fight, F vs F beat down, Belly punching, slapping, FF bearhug, FF low blow, permanent XO with golden lasso, and low blows with bullets! Running time 35 minutes




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