Kara vs UltraGirl


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This movie contains FvsF, MvsF, 2vs1, low blows, bearhugs, back breakers, leg stretching, upskirts, beatdowns, epic Whipping scene, XO’s, and a final XO! Running time 34 minutes

Kara shows up to investigate the Maxwell estate after so many girls have disappeared. She runs into Amber (UltraGirl) but all is not what it seems. Amber is being mind controlled by a nefarious villain who wants to add Kara to his collection and pick up where David Maxwell left off! Kara holds back at first but its clear that she must defeat Amber in order to save her. Unfortunately for Kara, the villain behind Amber’s mind control decides to join in! Kara is overwhelmed and cannot stand against both Amber and her new Master. Kara suffers a humiliating defeat and a final Farwell in a hopeless battle.


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