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Wonderous Woman’s magic lasso has been stolen by Professor Skullion! She tracks down his laboratory only to find her lasso and 3 of Skullions most vicious creations. Each monster is surrounded by a reluctant field that loses strength the closer she gets to her lasso! One of the monsters gets free but is unable to subdue Wonderous Woman. Feeling confident she reaches for the lasso and is electrocuted as the remaining reluctant field energy shoots through her body. Wonderous Woman is knocked senseless and wakes up to find the other 2 monsters free! Skullion explains that his new creations have been upgraded with special tendrils in their knuckles that activate a superheroines pleasure center when they are struck. Wonderous Woman tries to avoid being hit but 3 superheroine eating abominations are too much for even the mighty Amazon. Wonderous Woman is slowly worn down and turned on as the monsters beat her. The pleasure eventually overrides her will to stay pure and her body starts to welcome the punishment! Now unable to resist, Wonderous Woman is ravaged for their pleasure! Movie includes vicious beat down, low blows, XO’s, reluctant erotic pleasures, bearhugs, back breaker, slapping, face and belly punching, simulated pleasure, simulated pleasure, and more!


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