Amazing Girl vs The Zandor


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Amazing Girl agrees to a study on her powers and abilities with Dr Vaughn, but the wheelchair bound Dr seems more interested in her appearance. Vaughn tricks Amazing Girl into displaying her body for him in the name of science but the interview is cut short when Zandor and Demonica show up to reclaim their lair. Amazing Girl jumps into action and battles Demonica, leaving Dr Vaughn alone with the hungry beast. Amazing Girl has everything under control until Demonica reveals she was just testing the proud young warrior. Demonica focuses her attacks on Amazing Girl’s chest and crotch, weakening her enough to become the prey. Amazing Girl takes a humiliating beating from the demon before she is able to mount a counter attack. Amazing Girl uses the same dirty tactics on her opponent and then knocks her out cold. Amazing Girl returns to the lair only to find an empty wheel chair and the beast himself. Amazing Girl rushes in but it becomes clear that the Zandor is too strong. The young beautiful warrior becomes overwhelmed and her attacks no longer phase the mighty Zandor. Amazing Girl is XO’d out several times, crushed, and falls victim to a barrage of attacks to her prone breasts and nether regions. Once completely defeated, her body is carried away while the Zandor and Demonica decide how to divide her body!


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