Alpha Girl


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One of the most powerful girls on the planet hunts down Mercy for crimes against her contemporaries. Mercy is outmatched with no where to run when suddenly Alpha Girl is frozen in time. A mysterious creature appears that offers to assist Mercy in turning the tables on the mighty Alpha Girl. He explains that her power is directly related to her purity. Alpha Girl is groped and fondled by Mercy and then brought back to normal time. Mercy grabs her in a crushing bearhug that Alpha Girl can’t seem to escape. She finally gets away from Mercy and proves she is still a reluctant to be recXOned with, but she becomes frozen again. This time her body is locked in place while she is able to see, feel and hear everything that happens to her. Alpha Girl fights the invisible bondage with all her might but after countless reluctant erotic pleasures and a severe beating, she starts to waiver. Alpha Girls body is now subject to the mysterious villains will. He reads her mind and makes her pleasure herself for multiple erotic pleasures. Mercy takes his turn with the once invulnerable vixen before her final defeat and humiliation is delivered. This movie contains countless reluctant erotic pleasures, simulated sex, invisible bondage, beat downs, XO, bearhug, crotch crushing, breast crushing, and more reluctant orgams! Running time 35 minutes


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